Tuesday, November 05, 2013

A GAE/J project template for JSF based applications

As I built out the reproducible test case for a JSF bug, I realised that the bare-bones project could probably help someone looking for such a starter template. So I put it up on GitHub.

Key points about this bare bones starter template:
  1. Uses Gradle as its build system (including downloading & running the GAE/J server itself)
  2. Configured with JSF 2.2 & JPA 2 & CDI & PrimeFaces
  3. Has basic code for Session serialization & clean up
  4. Uses Bootstrap for page templating.
I have a sample deployed on AppEngine.

There are quite a few starter templates available on the net. So if this template seems too pale, then you could try the others.

If you decide to play around with this project template, please do take the time to provide me your feedback.

Hope this was useful to you.